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Painting Cabinets Provides A Dramatic Update


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Painted white kitchen cabinets
Painted white kitchen cabinets in remodeled kitchen

Thinking of updating your kitchen or bathroom cabinets?


You’re in the right spot! We have a great amount of experience painting cabinets throughout Denver. Whether you have oak, builder-grade cabinets or beautiful, custom-built maple cabinets, our cabinet painting process will provide you with a factory-like finish that’s durable, looks beautiful, and makes a huge impact. Increase the value of your kitchen or bathroom at a fraction of the cost to replace cabinets.


—> Minor kitchen remodels, including updating or painting cabinets have a recent ROI (return on investment) of 92%! That’s almost 100% of your money invested, back in your pocket. Call us now to paint your cabinets!

We offer the flexibility to choose from waterborne-alkyd (oil) or traditional oil-based paints. Both are very durable and provide a beautiful, eye-catching sheen ranging from satin to high-gloss.


You’re one step away from a more beautiful kitchen!


Our Cabinet Painting Process Breakdown:


Step 1: Labeling, Cleaning & Masking Your Kitchen:

Our first step for any of our projects is site protection. We cover and protect all surfaces and finishes not receiving paint. Your cabinets will be the only surface not covered with paper or plastic. This creates a ‘tent’ around your kitchen to contain our work area. Our masking is impressively thorough and tight.


We remove doors and drawer fronts from the frames and boxes, remove all hardware and place them in ziploc bags in their respective boxes for reinstall.


cabinet painting preparation
Edwin beginning to mask counter tops

Step 1 (cont’d): In Our Shop (offsite):

All cabinet doors and drawer-fronts are taken off-site to our shop. They undergo all phases from prep, to paint, to drying in our shop before being transported back for installation. This allows us to paint your frames and boxes in your kitchen, clean up and move out. Returning your kitchen to you for normal use (without doors or drawer-fronts). This shortens our time onsite to 3-5 days.


Jose in shop preparing cabinets
Jose in our shop preparing primed doors for enamel paint coats

Step 2: Sanding

Festool Sander
One of our sanders ready for work!
sanded cabinet door before and after
Deep sanding increases adhesion

All cabinet surfaces begin with a full sand (HEPA approved, 99.9% dust free!) on all cabinet surfaces using our top of the line Festool sanders. Our sanding goes much deeper than a scuff-sand or deglossing agent. As many surfaces as possible receive contact with our high-quality, dust-free sanders. Beveled edges are hand sanded.


Festool sanders leave a cleaner, better-prepared surface for primer and paint to bond with.


Step 3: Priming

Once masking, cleaning, and sanding is complete we are then ready to apply primer to both sides of doors and drawer-fronts, as well as all boxes and frames. We go one step further and paint the underside of your boxes as well. We do a thorough inspection after our first primer coat to ensure all preparation is complete and meets expectations. When inspection is passed, a second coat of primer is applied.


Kitchen cabinets masked, prepared and primed
Kitchen cabinets masked, prepared and primed onsite

Step 4: Painting

Finally, the paint is ready to be applied. We spray all surfaces with a fine finish sprayer. We apply two coats of paint with a fine sand in between. The result is a beautiful, shiny surface that looks factory-finished. The transformations are dramatic, impressionable and affordable.


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Kitchen Cabinet Painting
Completed kitchen cabinet painting project