Children’s Murals

Design Concept Aquarium Room

Children’s Murals: A Fun, Creative Space For Your Child

How will you know what your kids room will look like?

Here is a design I recently conceptualized based on meeting with my client.

Design Concept Aquarium Room

Many people are interested in a themed room or mural for their child. They become discouraged when they try the DIY approach which is understandable. It can become quite the undertaking. However, Mod Paint Works is here to help!

Before any paint is even purchased, the process begins with a design consultation. If there is serious interest and a desire to move forward a $100.00 design fee is required. This covers the time invested for concepts like the one pictured above. You get an overall, general idea of how the room will look upon completion.

Below you will see the finished wall in comparison to the concept chosen. The client had knowledge of the entire design before paint was even put on the wall and some slight changes were easily incorporated along the way.

aquarium wall mural

Close-up of some underwater life:

close-up of underwater life

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