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guy spraying disinfectant


Maintain Safe Environment
For Employees & Customers

EPA Certified Disinfectant
Successfully Covers Every Surface
Will Not Damage Electronics
Quick Turnaround
Around-The-Clock Availabililty

Stay Healthy and Safe During This Pandemic!


Are you still operating your business during the COVID-19 pandemic? Would you like your entire home disinfected? Get some peace of mind knowing your entire living space or business is safe from the deadly Coronavirus.

If you can touch it we can disinfect it. Available throughout Denver and surrounding cities, we spray an EPA Certified disinfectant to coat every nook and cranny of every surface in your Denver space. The disinfectant is atomized and dries quickly without residue or damage. Safe for electronics!

We are a local paint contractor in Denver who can provide timely, safe disnfecting of your Denver home or business. The disinfectant will kill Coronoavirus, known as COVID-19. Keep your space free of coronavirus!