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Our painters are in-house employees…not sub-contracted. What does this mean for you? We know who is entering your house and we trust our team. Our relationships with our skilled painters ensures loyalty not only to MPW, but to you, the homeowner, as well. We can guarantee the quality of their work and the standards that we uphold with them.



Cabinet Painting-

Are you tired of feeling like you are cooking in the Brady’s kitchen? Feeling like Alice could walk in at any second? Mike and Carol called us and they are thrilled with the results! Painting your cabinets is one of the easiest ways to update your kitchen at a fraction of the cost of replacing them! If your cabinets are in good shape, a few coats of paint is all you need to spring into the new millennium!

Custom Maple Cabinets- Before
Custom Maple Cabinets- After


Exterior Painting-

Painting the exterior of your home not only increases its value but can prolong the life of the house and protect it from weather damage. The harsh sun in Colorado can make your paint fade, chalk, blister and bubble, which contributes to peeling allowing moisture to penetrate your siding. Call us today to find out how to protect your investment for years to come!

Interior Painting-

Painting a room is one of the most powerful tools to transform the look of your home. A few coats of paint will revitalize and rejuvenate a dull, boring space into something elegant, fun, and uplifting. Color can do so much for a mood and make a dramatic improvement. Go bold, stay neutral…HAVE FUN!

Interior Elegance
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