Painted Cabinets For Your Home

black painted kitchen cabinets

Painted Cabinets For Your Home

Done Professionally; Painted Cabinets and Built-Ins Make a Huge Statement

Your kitchen cabinets are the focal point of your kitchen. Your cabinets are more than likely in decent to great condition. Maybe a little wear-and-tear on the doors and drawer-fronts. Overall they don’t need to be replaced.

The answer: Paint or Refinish.

black painted kitchen cabinets
Your kitchen cabinets can be dramatically transformed with paint

Don’t Replace. Paint!

If you have priced the cost of new cabinets with installation, you are aware of the surprise most people encounter. It’s expensive to replace cabinets!

More often than not, when I walk into a kitchen the cabinets have ‘good-as-new’ frames and boxes. The doors and drawers are typically what face the beating of repeated use, grease, food, hands, dishes, etc.

Lucky for you, there’s an easier, less invasive, budget-friendly (to an extent) option. Paint!

Sand, sand, sand… Prime

Knowing how to refinish cabinets can make a huge difference from just brushing and rolling paint. You need to be diligent in your preparation by removing (refinish or stain) or scuff-sanding (paint) the surfaces to be painted. The clear coat currently on your cabinets could be the start to failing paint if not dealt with. Liquid sanders are excellent these days and prevent major dust storms in your home.

Primer Is Your Foundation

Once you have everything sanded or stripped the clear coat, you can prime away. Using a high-quality, bonding primer will get you far better results than purchasing a cheap primer from HD. And no, you can’t use any primer you see.


Paint! Color! Fun!

The part you’ve been waiting for. There are specific cabinet/trim/moulding paints that contain enamel and cure to an impressive hardness. And these days, you can even find these products in waterborne platforms. They look just as good as oil if applied correctly! Again, spend the extra dollars on a high-quality paint. You’re taking the time to do this, so do it right. Advance from Benjamin Moore is an excellent, waterborne product that is moderately forgiving to brush and roll and will leave you with an almost glass-like finish.

Another of their products that we use for insane durability is Super Spec High Performance DTM 100% Acrylic. This product was originally designed as an industrial coating and is meant to be a self-priming, direct-to-metal coating for industrial applications. That being said, it is the armor of paints. Extremely durable and offers a beautiful satin-like finish.

glazed kitchen cabinets
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