Understanding The Cost Of Painting

Understanding The Cost Of Painting

Don’t become overwhelmed

When receiving estimates for your next Denver paint project you will typically find a large difference in cost, estimate accuracy and estimate formality. Some “painters” may be as informal as presenting a shortly typed estimate with not much more than a cost and minimal description of work to be completed (aka “blow-n-go” painters). On the other hand, a professional, successful paint contractor will more than likely provide a detailed estimate, product breakdown and overall knowledge and confidence about the paint trade. By now you can probably assume the cost difference between these two paint contractors – the latter being more expensive.

Let me provide some information that may help you understand.

Interior Paint Estimates:

Interior painting can be just as time consuming as exterior painting. One of the main differences is the amount of preparation when comparing interior painting with exterior painting.

Existing Surface

Older homes and newer, modern homes typically have a “slick” (older, plaster) or Level-5 finish (modern, architects). These smooth surfaces demand a high level of preparation and paint skill/knowledge as every imperfection is only magnified once painted. Interiors of a lot of Denver homes have medium to deep texture which hides many small imperfections. These surfaces, however, take more paint to cover and may provide more time to achieve complete coverage. On the outside, some exterior surfaces like cedar, need to be back-brushed (when staining). Exterior stucco surfaces should be sprayed and back-rolled for even coverage. These examples can all increase the labor and cost of your project.

Existing Paint/Coatings

Considering what existing paint or coatings are covering the surface can make or break a durable new product. Whether the surface needs to be sanded then primed or completely stripped of existing coatings, then primed and painted – can make a huge difference in cost. If your walls are currently semi-gloss, they should ideally be scuff sanded to ensure proper adhesion. Just some examples of scenarios that can affect estimated cost.

Preparation, Preparation!

This is the game changer! Preparation. It is typically 75% of the labor that goes into interior and/or exterior painting. If the preparation steps are exhaustive and correct, you are almost guaranteed a durable, valuable paint service. We spend an exhaustive amount of time on preparation. We make sure every surfaces is ready to accept the product that will suit it best. Preparation with interior painting usually comes in the form of masking and taping and patching small holes and cracks. Preparation with exterior painting usually focuses on removing existing, failing paint and priming those areas, as well as filling holes and small cracks. A sound surface is most important for interior and exterior painting.

The Paint Product Itself

The final major factor in an estimate will be the quality of the products chosen. Modern day paints can range in price from $20.00/gallon to $70.00/gallon. Stains and polyurethanes can carry the same price tag. In considering your product for exterior painting, especially in Denver or extreme climates, consider spending the money for the highest-quality paint or coatings. You will receive a much more durable and valuable finished product. For interior painting, your selection is a little less reliant on the durability, however, you still get what you pay for. The high-quality products will be more durable, washable, hold true color, longer and save in labor with less coats.


To conclude, make sure you receive a detailed estimate covering every aspect of your project. Sign a contract that protects yourself and the contractor. Consider the products to be used and make sure they are in fact the products being used. And finally, enjoy your finished product!

If your last painter wasn’t all you expected, give us a chance to bid on your next project!

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