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You’re one step closer to a more beautiful home. Hiring Mod Paint Works provides that first step because you will be working with one of the best Denver painters.

Mod Paint Works was created to incorporate our version of awesome customer service, knowledge of paint and coatings, discerning craftsmanship, and a sense of design and color into the Denver paint trade. We enjoy nothing more than to look at your finished paint project upon completion and know that we gave our best to exceed expectations. Its our passion for painting that keeps us striving to be better than other Denver paint companies.

10 Years In Business as a Top Denver Painter!

It’s no surprise that Mod Paint Works continues to grow and become of the top Denver painter’s. In the 10 years since it’s inception, Mod Paint Works has developed relationships with many homeowners, business owners, designers and builders, turning them into repeat clients. Customers appreciate the expert knowledge, customer service and most of all, superior craftsmanship. Mod Paint Works has built a brand in Denver based on customer service and quality paint finishes. Such customer service is uncommon for many Denver painter’s.

How Did You Get Into Painting?

Founder and President, Ryan Parker states, “I’m an artist at heart. I grew up doing everything artistic with my Grandma Pat. Painting with watercolors and acrylics was a favorite. I believe she instilled early on the love of art in my blood. In addition, I love all things design related. A beautifully put together space feels great to be immersed in. There’s just something about the power of color and placing items and furniture in a space that can make or break that space. Paint and coatings are a part of most every structure we encounter and I take notice when it’s done brilliantly (and not so brilliantly). I constantly catch myself analyzing paint in all spaces. I love the paint trade and the challenges that come with it. It keeps me on my toes and is ever-changing. There’s never a dull moment. This industry has taught me a lot in the 20 years I’ve been involved and I still have a lifetime of learning to go.”

As for Mod Paint Works, Ryan is the founder and now President. Still very hands on, Ryan visits job sites regularly and keeps an eye on every project and the details and processes that go with each one. “This is an extremely hands-on trade. We are typically the last trade on a project or remodel and we are responsible for making every surface look beautiful. If we aren’t operating mindfully and tactfully, we will lose customers, lose track, lose money. You have to constantly be tracking every move to operate successfully”, says Ryan. “I still meet with all of my customers face to face. I still do all sales and estimates. It won’t always be that way, but for now that’s how we operate. I always tell my customers, “this isn’t the last you’ll see of me. I stop onsite as often as possible to keep eyes on your project.””

Painting in the Future

Looking ahead, Mod Paint Works plans to keep on growing as a top Denver painter, adding satisfied, repeat customers to their list. With the recent real estate market skyrocketing in Denver, Centennial, Highlands Ranch and beyond, Mod Paint Works is entering the custom home, new construction sector. Keeping their commitment to quality fits right in with these custom homes. Also in their vision for long-term growth is increasing their presence in the commercial paint world. “We currently complete a few commercial projects every year. Nothing too huge or in-depth, but enough to get our foot in the door and have a sense for what to expect as we develop our commercial side of Mod Paint Works. Commercial painting is completely different from residential painting. A whole new beast!”, states Ryan. “We will bring with us, our typical commitment to quality, but adjust it to fit into the commercial scene. Part of our success has been due to our ability to adapt. I will only hire painters that are experienced and show a good sense of adaptation to differing project requirements and maintain an open mind.”

Mod Paint Works is not slowing down. In fact, they are speeding up. Leveling up. They are here to stay and they are on a mission to do it in a sustainable long-term way.

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