Cabinet FAQ’s


We don’t strive to do the most cabinets in Denver, we strive to do the best!

Here are a few questions we get asked frequently.
 Q: How long will my painted cabinets stay in good condition?

A: Even though we will provide your cabinets with a factory-like finish, they are a painted surface. And with all painted surfaces, there are always possibilities of chipping and normal wear and tear. That being said, with the proper care of your painted cabinets, they will continue to provide beauty to your kitchen for years to come. We offer a 1-year warranty for our Advance Cabinet Packages and 5-year warranty for our Traditional Oil Cabinet Packages.

Q: How long will you be in my home?

A: The whole process, from start to finish, depends on the type of paint you are choosing, the conditions your cabinets are in, and the type of material the cabinets are made from. During the time we are occupying your kitchen, you will have access to your appliances. The amount of time that we are in your home ranges from 4-7 (business) days. Click here to view our cabinet process.

Q: When will I get my kitchen back?

A: After we are finished spraying the final coat on your frames and boxes in your kitchen, all masking will be removed. It will then be safe to replace all your items in your cabinets and drawers (If we haven’t taken them to our shop). The paint will still be curing but will be safe to handle with care. The amount of time the other pieces are in our shop will vary due to dry times and type of wood, but usually range from 6-10 (business) days, as we are careful not to move the pieces before the paint cures. We know you will be anxious to see your “brand new” kitchen, but we prefer to take our time with moving the doors and drawer fronts for installation so as not to risk marring, scratching, or smudging the new finish.

Q: Why does it take so long?

A: Mod Paint Works believes in quality like every other painting contractor claims. The difference is, we mean it. We feel that your kitchen, no matter how big or small, deserves a beautiful finish. Some contractors will take pride in being in and out of your space quickly, but with that comes a sacrifice of quality. We absolutely DO NOT brush or roll any surface of your cabinets. We spray everything, from the primer to the finish coat. Because of this, we must mask EVERYTHING for protection and create a portable “spray booth”. This enables us to give your cabinets, from the frames and boxes to the doors and drawers, the uniform, factory-like finish they deserve. A little more time is worth an exquisite outcome.


Painted Oak Cabinets
Painted Oak Cabinets
Q: Will my oak cabinets look smooth?

A: If you have oak cabinets, you know there is a wood grain texture that is prominent and visible. Painting oak cabinets alone will not fill this grain. Because we spray everything, your paint finish will be smooth, but the texture of your cabinets where the grain is will not. If you are wanting a smooth texture to your cabinets, we suggest you have the grain filled before painting. Ask us about this option.



Q: What paint should I use?

A: We offer a few different cabinet packages. Our base package is the Refined Cabinet Package, which uses Satin Impervo oil-based paint by Benjamin Moore. While there is an odor with oil paint, the finish is far more durable and will last longer, has a high resistance to staining and is easy to keep clean. Satin Impervo provides a rich, elegant finish. Our Timeless Cabinet Package uses Eco from Fine Paints of Europe. Eco combines the benefits of an oil paint (alkyd) with a water-base (acrylic) offering high durability and a gorgeous finish with little to no odor.  Perfect for high We also offer our gold standard Signature Cabinet Package featuring Hollandlac oil-based paint, also from Fine Paints of Europe. These paints contain only the best pigments with no inexpensive fillers or extenders providing an exquisite and durable finish. Learn more about Fine Paints of Europe!


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