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Interior painting will greatly improve the overall look and feel of your home. Our interior painters will supply years of knowledge and experience along with quality paints to complete your project in a timely manner. Your newly painted home will be clean, up-to-date, and invoke a new, positive feeling for you, your family and visiting guests.


Mod Paint Works employs highly-skilled, interior painters with years of painting experience. Our interior painters will paint your home while adhering to top industry standards resulting in correct preparation and application of quality paints, stains and coatings. With professional application, the best paints/coatings for your project and the correct colors, you will be amazed at the improvement from interior painting. In addition to increased beauty, interior painting will assist in properly maintaining or increasing the value of your home.


Mod Paint Works is committed to using high-quality interior paints, products and tools on every project.
Our interior painters utilize their professional skills, leaving you with beautiful, glistening walls, trim and doors that complement and uplift the rest of your home.


Interior Painting Process Breakdown:


bedroom masked and protected for interior painters
Bedroom completely masked and protected


Step 1: Site and Surface Protection


Our first step for any of our projects is site protection. We cover and protect all items, surfaces and finishes not receiving paint. All flooring will be covered with paper, plastic or drop cloths throughout the project to protect from paint and dirt. Large furniture will be moved to center of room and covered with plastic. Windows are covered and taped as well as any decorative fixtures.


Step 2: Repair and Prep Surfaces for Paint

From mouldings, trim, doors, to walls; all surfaces receiving paint receive some preparation. This is necessary to achieve a clean painted surface, as well as providing for adequate adhesion for the new coatings.

Walls – walls are scanned from ceiling to floor. Nail holes and dents in walls will be filled with a lightweight spackle to bring back to consistently level surface, then sanded to smooth surface. These filled areas may then receive a texture match to the existing texture to avoid ‘flat spots’ from appearing on a textured wall.

Trim – trim, moulding, panels, doors, all receive the same preparation. Holes and dents are filled with a filling compound. The entire surface then receives a scuff-sand at minimum to smooth out filled areas, clean surface of dirt/grease, and remove any burs or small particles in the old paint. At the same time, the sanding creates a rough surface, or ‘tooth’, for the new primer coatings to adhere to. Cracks where baseboards, trim, windows meet the drywall will be caulked-in for a seamless finish. We sand with a medium grit paper, followed by fine grit sanding between coats. The result is a smooth, factory like finish that looks impeccable.

Nail holes and dents are filled and sanded


Step 3: Primer Coat

Primer is a main factor in the longevity of painted surfaces. Though there has been an explosion of “primer and paint in one” marketing, a true, separate prime coat is the best practice. After filling, sanding, and caulking, trim is primed using a primer that best suits your projects needs. This will seal in our filling compound and caulked areas, as well as create a new surface for the top coats of paint to assure adhesion.

Walls may or may not need primer depending on their condition, color, existing sheen, and new sheen being applied. When in doubt, we prime. When we are sure the existing wall is in good condition, we can apply our two top coats of paint without issue.


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Step 4: Paint

Okay… The room is protected and masked. The walls and/or trim is prepared. Primer coats are applied. Now the fun… paint!

Mod Paint Works applies two coats of high quality Benjamin Moore paint that meets your projects requirements.
For 90% of projects we prefer to use Regal Select from Benjamin Moore. This is an all-time favorite paint from Benjamin Moore that has been in their lineup since the beginning. A high-quality paint, backed with Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty. This paint allows our interior painters to move along in a timely manner due to excellent coverage and great brushing and rolling properties. Once cured, Regal Select provides a durable surface that can withstand everyday wear and tear and even be wiped down with a soft, damp cloth. Available in flat, eggshell, pearl (satin), and semi-gloss sheen’s, Regal Select is our favorite wall paint.

Why two coats? It’s imperative for consistency and appearance. The first coat is applied to begin building the foundation for the new sheen and color. The second coat is applied to achieve consistent color coverage and consistent sheen, even when viewed at an angle with light refraction (this will highlight any imperfection in your wall!). Two coats is absolutely recommended.


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