Creating Curb Appeal with Exterior Paint

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Do you have a tired, dated home in need of a facelift? Your answer: exterior paint! Probably the most economically friendly way to drastically improve the look of your home. And not to mention, protect its surfaces. Above, is a recent exterior paint we completed. The previous paint was a pinkish-beige that was leftover from […]

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Exterior Home Staining in Denver

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Exterior Home Staining in Denver Increase Curb Appeal While Protecting Wood Exterior wood staining increases the life of siding, decking, trim, doors and furniture. On average, it is suggested that you re-stain your exterior siding and trim every 3-4 years, with many variable to consider. Decks may be more high-maintenance due to the abuse of […]

Painting Your Brick Home

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Painting Your Brick Home There Are Benefits To Painting Your Brick Exterior Thinking of painting the brick exterior of your home? There are benefits to painting that old (or new, but rarely) brick exterior. Sealed In First off, brick (masonry) exteriors – like any other raw (not previously primed or painted) surface – need to […]

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House Painting: Behind The Scenes

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House Painting: Behind The Scenes Like A Movie, Successful Projects Result From Work Behind the Scenes What was the last movie you watched? Was it seamlessly put together looking awesome on the big screen? Probably not a question you would expect to read on a paint company’s website, right? I’m comparing the two because the […]

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Painted Cabinets For Your Home

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Painted Cabinets For Your Home Done Professionally; Painted Cabinets and Built-Ins Make a Huge Statement Your kitchen cabinets are the focal point of your kitchen. Your cabinets are more than likely in decent to great condition. Maybe a little wear-and-tear on the doors and drawer-fronts. Overall they don’t need to be replaced. The answer: Paint […]

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A Professional Paint Estimate

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A Professional Paint Estimate Ours Are Descriptive, Honest and Fulfill Your Needs Initial Calls: Consumers learn a great deal about a service business from the initial “call to inquire”. For me, it’s the initial call asking about a free paint estimate. I enjoy answering the phone because it means the chance at making another Denver […]

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Stairs As A Feature Of Your Home

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Make your stairs a feature in your home. These stairs were carpeted and really seemed to disappear into the rest of the home. The homeowners decided to extend the hardwood up the stair treads into the second story. Mod Paint Works’ interior paint team came in and painted the risers and skirtboards (basement stairs), as […]

High-Quality Denver Painters

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High-Quality Denver Painters We Have The Knowledge And Experience To Offer The Highest Quality Knowledge, Experience, Continued Education At Mod Paint Works our knowledge, experience and continued education grant us the ability to offer some of the highest quality paint services in Denver. We are consistently keeping up with the latest color trends, product development, […]