Our Simple Warranties

Your Simple Warranty

3-Year No Questions Warranty

You don’t care if it’s a paint manufacturer issue or craftsmanship issue – just get it fixed.

We’ve developed a simple, straight-forward warranty to go along with our services.

You will receive our 3-Year No Questions Warranty with all services (1-Year for Cabinet Painting, excludes wood staining). If any of our craftsmanship fails within 3 years of completion date of project, we will fix the problem area free of charge.

On top of that, our high-quality paints come with a manufacturer’s warranty – 25-Years to Lifetime – that is passed onto you when applied correctly by professionals like us.

If the paint we apply develops an issue, we deal with the manufacturer ourselves. No hassle for you. If the craftsmanship was unacceptable, again, we fix it.

We feel that our warranty only strengthens our mission to provide high-quality paint services.

It’s added peace-of-mind for you.

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