The Best Painting Tools for Interior & Exterior Painting

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The Best Painting Tools for Interior & Exterior Painting

A guest post from our friends at Fordham & MacLean Painting in Boulder, CO

exterior paint stain denver boulder

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Whether you’re repainting the exterior or interior of your home, it can become a daunting and frustrating task. However, the right tools can make the process much easier. Here is a list of a few helpful tools that can make any painting project go smoothly.

PiViT Ladder Tool: In the simplest of terms, this tool provides a balanced platform for placing your ladder on a surface that is not flat. PiViT is especially helpful on roofs or stairs.

Hand Masker: These tools can be very helpful because they provide a fast and convenient way to cover trim and walls with tape and plastic or paper to enclose the areas you do not want to be painted. These tools provide a quick and easy way to protect doors, windows, and cabinets from getting paint on them. Most maskers simply hold a roll of masking tape and a roll of plastic or paper and apply the tape to the edge of the masking product as you pull it out. You then use the attached blade to easily cut the tape and paper at your desired length.

paint tools pivit ladder level painting stairs

The PiViT tool, as mentioned above, is a favorite for safety!

Paint Scraper: Any expert outdoor painter will tell you, it’s all about the preparation when painting a home. When deciding to paint the outside of your home, it is crucial to make sure the surfaces are dry. Then continue on to prepare the exterior surfaces by making sure they are clean and have been scraped of cracked or peeling paint. A good pull scraper can make a hard job much easier. You only want to pull in the direction of the grain.

Primer: Primer is crucial because it allows for better paint adhesion and seals the surface receiving paint. For top results, use an oil primer and top it off with a high-quality latex or acrylic paint for a better seal.

Paint Rollers and Brushes: When beginning any paint job, it is important to have a good, reliable brush that will last a long time and can paint clean, straight lines. Spend a little extra and invest in a quality brush. Small 6” mini rollers can be especially helpful for tight areas throughout the interior of your home. Larger rollers for large areas means less time for you. Make sure to select the right nap for your surface.

About the Author: Hector MacLean is the owner of Fordham & MacLean Painting in Boulder, CO. They’ve been in business since 1978 and plan on continuing to paint the town, one home at a time.

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