We Paint It Better!

We Paint It Better!

A Quality-First Approach Satisfies Clients

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We Paint It Better. Why?

High-Quality:You benefit from our mission to provide only high-quality paint services at your convenience.

Descriptive Estimates:You will receive a precise, honest estimate based on our process to fulfill your specific needs. Know what you will pay before you sign the line.

Deep Preparation:We begin with deep preparation and follow with high-quality primers and paints. No contractor-grade paints here.

High-Quality Primers/Paints:High-quality primers and paints are manufactured with better materials. Using these products will add years of durability. Invest wisely now – save money in the long run.

Trained/Qualified Paint Techs:You are always provided highly qualified, experienced paint techs that are friendly, respectable and are trained to Mod Paint Works’ expectations.

Clean Work Area:We strive to keep our workspace – your home – as clean as possible. We can stage our tools on-site, out of the way, or we can take them away each evening.

Consider this: In 90% of cases, the return on your investment in new paint (interior & exterior) is 60%-150%. So not only are you keeping your home beautiful and protected, you have a great chance of increasing or protecting its value and recouping the money you put out.