Painting Your Brick Home

Painting Your Brick Home

There Are Benefits To Painting Your Brick Exterior


Thinking of painting the brick exterior of your home?

There are benefits to painting that old (or new, but rarely) brick exterior.

Sealed In

First off, brick (masonry) exteriors – like any other raw (not previously primed or painted) surface – need to be primed, and preferably sealed, before paint should be applied. This is achieved with a sealer/primer specific to masonry surfaces.

Taking the above step (in conjunction with professional experience painting brick) provides your first major benefit: sealing up your old brick exterior and preventing moisture issues.

Many old, historic, brick exteriors experience issues with moisture. Priming and sealing will help control and even put an end to such issues.


Unlimited Color Options

Your next benefit revolves around color. You’ve probably seen the exterior of your home the same color for who knows how long.

Painting your brick allows you to choose your desired color, as well as boost curb-appeal. Everyone wants great curb-appeal. Something to be proud of!

Highly Durable

Durability of painted brick, when prepared and painted correctly, provides for years of durability. Brick (masonry) is already highly durable. Adding a high-quality primer and paint will provide for many years of durability in comparison to wood siding. Take note: choose the highest-quality exterior paint you can afford. You will be much happier in the long run.

Consider the above benefits if you’re thinking about painting the brick exterior of your home. Dramatically update the look and curb-appeal of your home while providing a durable, protective coating for your old (or new!) brick (masonry).

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