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Cabinet Painting For Your Home

The Most Economical Way For A Dramatic Makeover

black painted kitchen cabinets

When it comes to a kitchen, what is the first thing you see? Cabinets.

Cabinets are (typically) eye-level, occupy a majority of your kitchen wall space, and provide ample storage for some of your most used items.

In other spaces – say your bathroom or a library built-in – cabinets are the base for a beautiful granite countertop or the structure that contains years-old books. These deserve to grab attention and look exquisite. But, if the color of paint or stain isn’t right, cabinets can ruin the feel of a room.

Thats when we say: Paint to the rescue!

Anyone can attempt cabinet painting. Its not rocket science. And with all the DIY shows on television, it seems like an “easy” undertaking. Beware.

Professional cabinet painting is an artful process. There are many pieces to deal with creating many logistical nightmares that can take place. Paint this, flip that, paint that side, let dry… and so on.

On top of that, using professional products and equipment will result in an absolutely beautiful finish. Something most DIY’ers arent educated on.

Our Keys For Success

A high-quality bonding primer is the first step to success. A bonding primer will bond to the existing surface, as well as leaving a bondable surface for your topcoat.

Speaking of topcoat, choose wisely. There are a number of products that claim “Factory-like Finish”. And while that claim can be true, those finishes can appear plastic-like and unnaturally thick.

We prefer (and highly recommend) Benjamin Moore’s Advance. An enamel-based, waterborne-alkyd (minimal odor!) paint that is specifically designed for cabinet painting, trim and door painting, and furniture painting. This paint cures to an oil-like finish, providing years of longevity. A finish that is sure to please you while grabbing the attention of visitors and design-forward eyes alike.

And don’t forget your method of application. Cabinet painting can be done a couple of ways: airless/air-assisted sprayer or hvlp sprayer. Both of which should be used in conjunction with a fine-finish tip for finer atomization of paint.

Taking the above information into your cabinet painting project will result in a professional finish. If you would rather a professional take on your project, call us. You can relax while we do the work.

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