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Historic Home Painters Denver, CO

Knowledge, Quality, Integrity Will Persevere in History

historic exterior painters denver colorado

Your piece of history is also your biggest investment – your home. You want to maintain and increase the longevity of the exterior of your home, especially since it dates back to 1890. That’s where we step in!

Mod Paint Works has provided historic painting and restoration for many historic properties in Denver. These homes are often times in need of a lot of TLC. Knowledge plays a huge role in completing a historic exterior paint project on these homes, due to the many substrates and questionable condition they can be in. You want to maintain, if not increase value of your home and exterior paint is a fantastic way to accomplish that.

Choose a highly skilled, knowledgeable paint contractor, like Mod Paint Works, to take on your historic paint project.

Ryan Parker, Owner at Mod Paint Works, says, “We absolutely love working on the historic homes. The challenges are larger. The colors are typically more interesting and the architecture and construction are a marvel to see upclose. We take pride in putting our stamp on pieces of history.”

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