Stamps, Stencils, Silhouettes With Paint

Birch Trees Stamp Art Image on Wall

Stamp art, Stencil art, Silhouettes with Paint

A great way to add another dimension to any interior room with paint!

Birch Trees Stamp Art Image on Wall
Sometimes paint, beautiful furntiure and artwork can be enough to take a room to the next level. However, there are some rooms that need that extra touch to gain life. Smaller rooms with limited wall space (or funky areas of wall space) can be a challenge to decorate with artwork. There’re plenty of small pieces of art, but are they what you’re looking for? If not, I have a solution. Stamp art, stencil art, silhouettes… all produced with interior paint on your walls!
The great thing about this concept is the freedom. I am able to adjust color (almost infinitely) to match any decor. I can adjust size to fit exactly how it should be for a seamless design element. I can adjust tonal value (darkness/lightness of selected color) to be as bold or subtle as needed.
What’s left? A design element – another dimension – added to the room that was once just “okay”. Visitors will marvel in the creativity and originality of each design. And the best part… when it’s time to change the look, just paint over it.

Tree With Bird Stamp Image on Wall