Balustrade & Handrail Refinishing Denver, CO

Balustrade and Handrail Refinishing in Denver

Change The Color Of Your Balustrade or Handrail

handrail balustrade refinish

Your staircase is highlighted by the balustrade system or handrail and balusters that outline the length of any stairs and bridges in your home. Often times builders use stain that is current for the time period of when your home is built. These colors can become extremely outdated. We are here to help!

Change the color of your handrail or entire balustrade system. No, it’s not easy. It’s a tedious, labor-intensive process, however, this makes one of the biggest, most underrated changes in your home. Your staircase will gain new stature in your home becoming a more respected and focused feature. Make an impact with an often overlooked change!

Above, is a recent handrail and newall post refinish.

Your wood will be happy you called us!

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