Bright colors can still be sophisticated

Interior Paint With Bright Colors

Lively Up Your Denver Home With Bright Color

Pink is a fun, bright color often associated with females, typically younger in age.  Well, I have a surprise for you.  Pink is sophisticated, it’s fun, it’s daring, it’s bold, it’s sexy.  Pink can be manly if done the right way; paired with black.  Really, anything can be manly if you have the guts to show it off and be proud of it.  It’s up to others to judge you, if they so desire.

Above, we did an entire room in hot pink – ‘Hot Lips’ from Benjamin Moore to be exact.  In the can it was scary.  The first rolls to the wall were scary.  However, once all coats applied and the room was put back together, it was perfect!  The black furniture calmed the brightness just enough while adding that needed touch of sophistication or, grown up.  The room came together, had a good balance of daring, yet not over the top.  The room happened to be one of my favorites this year.