High-Quality Denver Painters

High-Quality Denver Painters

We Have The Knowledge And Experience To Offer The Highest Quality

Knowledge, Experience, Continued Education

At Mod Paint Works our knowledge, experience and continued education grant us the ability to offer some of the highest quality paint services in Denver. We are consistently keeping up with the latest color trends, product development, product education and modernized tools to provide you with the ultimate paint service. We combine our techniques and ‘know-how’ with the use of high-quality, Benjamin Moore paints and stains. The end result is a finished paint product that will pack a punch of refreshed curb appeal and timeless interior beauty!

Meticulous Preparation & High-Quality Primers

High-quality doesn’t just mean applying a high-quality paint. We begin with high-quality preparation methods to prepare a sound surface for the new paint. Many of them. We will clean, scrape, sand, and clean again before applying any paint. Once the surface is prepared, we follow with a high-quality primer. A primer’s a primer, right? Nope. High-quality primers are made with better resins and bonding agents, sealing and adhering to the surface better. These primers will increase the surface’s acceptance of new paint while adding a great deal of durability and longevity to your paint project. A bit more money spent on a better primer and paint, means up to 5+ more years out of an exterior paint service. Is that worth it?

Wise Investment

We not only know how much your home or business means to you (after all, we are a small business), but also how important every penny is. By choosing Mod Paint Works you can be assured that you’re getting a competitive price on a high-quality service with high-quality products. You can hire us knowing that your paint will last longer, look better and provide much needed protection and beauty to your Denver home or business for years to come.

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