To Hire or Not To Hire: Denver Interior Painters

denver painter professional sergio mod paint works

To Hire or Not To Hire: Denver Interior Painters

Do It Myself, Or Hire Interior Painters?

denver painter professional sergio mod paint works

As a homeowner it is your responsibility to maintain the integrity and hopefully increase the value of your home. Whether you have good handyman skills already or visit Google to learn while doing the work, home ownership can provide many instances to obtain new skills.

Interior painting is one of those skills and can either be a valuable skill you’re good at (or service hired), or an easy way to quickly diminish the beauty of your home. The latter may happen when you think you can paint, but you can’t. (In states where a license is required to become a painter (CO it is not), upwards of 6,000 hours must be completed! It’s a skill!) Many homeowners come to the question, “Should I paint this myself or hire a professional painter?”

Since we are a Denver paint company who’s always excited to paint another home, you know what we think. But, what do you think? Do you want to quickly paint your home yourself? It should be easy and you can save a good amount of $$$, but…

Lets look deeper.

Interior painting can be somewhat simple if it’s a basic accent wall. You’re basically painting a square piece of drywall. The difference is when you start talking about interior painting for a couple rooms or entire level of your home. You will need the necessary hand tools for painting: brushes, rollers, extension pole, trays, drop cloths, ladders- and no fear of working hard! Interior painting – exterior, too – is laborious. You are constantly moving, bending, stretching and climbing and moving ladders.

Once you have your tools…

What now? Job sequencing. Be ready to exercise your patience. Cut-in all ‘edges’ of the room maintaining straight lines and minimal brush strokes/marks at all times. (Meaning, if you don’t have straight lines and you have brush strokes going all directions, your paint job will look ‘DIY’.) Keep a wet edge for your next stroke to blend into. All cut-in? Now it’s time to “fill in where you cut in” with your roller (a good, professional roller ‘skin’ can run $20/ea.). Beware: rolling seems easy, but proves to be messy and a lot more work for most homeowners. Rolling incorrectly can leave obvious ‘lap’ marks and light spots to a distinctive eye.

Think you’re done? Not quite. Remove all of your tape carefully so as not to pull your caulk with it (easier said than done). This should reveal a perfectly straight line on the top edge of your baseboards.

And, BOOM! You’re done. Was it easy? No. Hire a pro already. Enjoy your time while we do the work.

Your job will be completed professionally, in a clean manner and completed before you know it!

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