Exterior Stucco – elastomeric

We strongly urge the use of elastomeric paint to coat any exterior stucco surfaces of your home.  Using elastomeric as opposed to an acrylic latex has huge benefits, however, does come with a higher initial cost.  Elastomeric coatings are valuable to stucco for one main reason.  That reason is implied in the word itself:  elasticity.  These coatings are designed to be flexible with an elastic nature in order to conform to the surface, preventing any cracking over time.  This system will keep your stucco structurally sound for years as no moisture will enter through cracks and small holes.  Your investment in an elastomeric paint (as opposed to acrylic latex) will pay off in the long run with a substantial number of years before having to repaint your stucco.  Stucco is a durable surface to begin with and even more durable when paired with the correct product – elastomeric paint.