Gray: the most powerful color for interior paint in your Denver home

Gray.  It’s made a huge impact as of late.  It’s in every designers color pack.  It’s a calm, cool, refreshing hue.  It plays well with all types of light.  The best thing about gray: it makes every color next to it more vibrant.  In the above photo, we did an overall color scheme with different tones of gray.  We worked from a light gray on the ceilings to a moderate gray on the walls to a deep gray on the trim.

As you can see (excuse the terrible photograph) we added pops of color here and there.  Not too much to overwhelm, but enough to complement.  I wanted to introduce people to a vibrant color as soon as they entered the home; that’s where the turquoise comes in.  This modern, open living space has taken on a major transformation.  And as always, the paint made the biggest impact!

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