“I’ll Take The Lowest Paint Bid!”

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“I’ll Take The Lowest Paint Bid!”

“After all it is just paint.” said one Denver homeowner

It is never going to disappear. It is programmed into our society. It can really hurt the consumer in the end. It is the basis of a majority of Americans’ purchases. What am I talking about? Making purchases solely based on price.

I’ve written about this before, but had to attack the issue once more. I’ve been on a string (unfortunately) of leads that have all begun with that infamous quote, “we are looking for the cheapest estimate.” And what do I do? I walk away.

It doesn’t matter what product you are considering, but especially in the paint trade it can be disastrous!. Here’s why: paint isn’t just paint. It is the first line of defense for the exterior of your home (your biggest investment) against the elements. It is also a major factor of how your home presents itself and it’s value to passersby, neighbors, and one day, buyers. Paint needs to be applied properly by a professional to benefit from its incredible durability, power to make a beautiful impact (ie: clean lines, no flashing, preparation), and longevity/quality to get the most bang for your buck. That’s where preparation and correct tools come into play.

At Mod Paint Works, our Denver painters never get to work on a price-shoppers home. Why? Because as a quality-first, Denver paint contractor we can’t even begin to work with the price they are shopping for. It’s nearly impossible. Our Denver painters are highly skilled and reminded constantly that time isn’t necessarily of the essence as much as quality. My impacting words for my crew: “As painters in Denver – due to our dramatic seasons – you need to focus first on quality; second, finishing in a timely manner to keep on schedule; and lastly, keeping everything cleaner than when we started.

If you are a Denver homeowner in need of paint, please contact Mod Paint Works for your next paint project. As Owner/Operator, I promise to provide a finished product that will leave you wanting more. Denver painters are on every corner, but a professional Denver painter with true experience is your best bet and hard to find.

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