Comparing Your Paint Estimates

Comparing Paint Estimates

Know What To Look For

It is suggested that with any service an individual is going to purchase, you receive three estimates to compare cost and analyze value. Viewing three estimates can reveal major cost differences that can be the result of major differences in what products are used and how the end result is achieved. One common thing: that end result should be packed with value.

When it comes to painting your home or business – in this case, interior, exterior or cabinet painting – the end result is nothing to compromise on. You want an end product that will provide the most value for your money while maintaining or adding value to your home (for example: painting a bathroom or kitchen can provide a 1% to 3% return on investment!). Painting is an investment, and should not be a cheap one  (the average cost to have a pro paint a typical bedroom is $325).

We often compete with multiple contractors to win our paint projects and we are fully transparent about this, even encourage it. We want the homeowner to be educated about purchasing their current and future paint services so they know what is involved and what they are getting. Even more so if it’s our paint services.

Ryan Parker with Mod Paint Works in Denver, CO explains, “We highly encourage multiple estimates. I find it interesting deciphering estimates from other contractors’. Often times we find that there is a huge lack of information provided regarding processes in preparation and products to be used. Also, a huge separation in price is common. Paint estimates tend to be extremely vague and many homeowners tend to be okay or unaware of that. Painting your home isn’t just putting paint over existing paint. Its an art, a craft that involves many small steps to achieve the final big result.”

So just how do you compare and decipher your paint estimates? Ryan offers a few suggestions to get you off on the right path, “First off, make sure you are dealing with reputable paint contractors who have an online presence – a website, social media involvement, multiple reviews and show the faces of the company. Many paint contractors subcontract their work which can work out okay, however, can also result in a nightmare. Second, do a bit of research prior to getting the estimates. Know the average cost of painting a typical bedroom. I refer to bedroom because its typically a simple, rectangle shape with an average national cost of around $300-$350. Lastly, please insist you know what paint will be used.” 

Steps for Comparing Your Paint Estimates

  1. Research the companies you contact to provide estimates. Look for good reviews, updated websites and social media involvement. Current trends, colors and techniques can provide a much better return on investment.
  2. Understand the basic costs for painting (Ryan provided an place to start, above!). Research the average cost to get a room painted. Even if you want the kitchen painted and you only know the bedroom should cost around $300, you have an idea of what to go off of.
  3. Your paint estimate should be professional in appearance and clearly explain every step from preparation to how paint will be applied to clean up. The more descriptive, the more you know the contractor has taken the time to setup a legitimate business and know his trade.
  4. Know what paint will be used and the cost for that paint. Feel free to call your local paint dealer to confirm the cost and make sure you are not paying far above retail cost.
  5. Look for small bonus services that may include window cleaning, sidewalk washing, painting a ceiling for at no additional cost, etc. These small extras can add huge value to your project!

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