House Painting: Behind The Scenes

many steps lead ot beautifully painted houses

House Painting: Behind The Scenes

Like A Movie, Successful Projects Result From Work Behind the Scenes

many steps lead ot beautifully painted houses

What was the last movie you watched? Was it seamlessly put together looking awesome on the big screen?

Probably not a question you would expect to read on a paint company’s website, right?

I’m comparing the two because the behind-the-scenes production is where a lot of the magic happens. Tons of skilled work, man hours, and tools, in addition to a sequence of actions put together, reveal a beautiful final show.

When I join a customer for a walk around their home to view our completed exterior paint or stain project, it’s a culmination of the skilled work, man hours, tools and sequencing of proper techniques and actions that reveal a beautiful, revived home protected from the elements.

Just like that movie you watched, the behind the scenes work we completed resulted in a beautiful piece of art for not only the homeowner to enjoy, but neighbors as well.

The next time you are considering painting your home, try to remember all the little details that will take place before any paint is even applied.

Details like:

– Sanding the entire wall prior to painting to knock off small burs.

– Filling old nail holes and leveling out dents on trim prior to paint.

– Scraping old, failing paint from the side of your home before priming.

– Providing color consultations with large-scale paint samples to match you with the correct, desired paint color for your home.

The above are a few of the small tasks that Mod Paint Works puts into action on every project to provide you with a beautiful, durable, interior or exterior paint job for your home. Exactly what you deserve.

The above examples are also a few tasks that, if skipped or ‘cut’ out, can result in a failed or terrible looking paint job.

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