Preparation Is The Tell All

exterior home paint preparation denver

Preparation Is The Tell All

Denver has extreme seasons, prepping for paint is the key

exterior home paint preparation denver
Ordy is busy spraying the top coat over our exhaustive preparation

Once your home is painted, it looks like new! That’s a beautiful thing for an economical cost. However, what’s underneath the actual paint is what’s really important. No, I’m not talking about the siding and wood. I’m talking about how well your paint contractor prepared the surfaces and with what quality products they prepared with. This can also be a trial of experience and knowledge – a benefit of using an experienced, professional paint contractor.

In Denver, your home’s exterior paint is subject to extreme outdoor seasons. Today (7/12/12) we will see temperatures in the mid-90’s. Three months from now we could see temperatures in the 30’s with snow.

Preparation for exterior house paint is pretty straight forward: power wash, scrape/remove failing paint, caulk any possible point of water entry, spot prime failing and exposed areas. That’s a basic rundown of the process on a project-by-project basis. Every home is different and so is the preparation.

The secret:
1) Properly assessing the home’s condition during the estimate for exterior paint
2) Having the knowledge & experience to properly prepare a home for exterior paint
3) Knowing how to deal with surprise details in the preparation phase
4) Understanding the overwhelming number of products specific to surface preparation
5) Using high-quality exterior primers and caulk
If your contractor knows what to look for there will be no surprise charges in the end, your home’s exterior paint will last much longer, and the parts of your home you don’t see will be thoroughly protected.

With all of the above being said, as a homeowner you should make sure your Denver paint contractor is on top of their game! And lucky for you, Mod Paint Works is!

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