Why Hiring A Pro Paint Contractor Makes A Difference

Professional Painter Denver

Hiring a Pro Paint Contractor Makes A Big Difference

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Professional Painter Denver

I was recently asked by a designer to hang wallpaper in a remodel in Parker, South of Denver. I was excited to get some glue on my fingers and love the impact that paper offers, but am always curious as to who has been invited to complete the paint aspect of the project. As a professional paint contractor (who also hangs paper) I am constantly critiqueing painted surfaces everywhere I go. My eyes often wander directly to walls as if they were covered in an elaborate mural or delicate gold leaf. However, most of the time these walls are just simply covered with paint. As was the case when I walked into this full remodel.

As I entered the home, I immediately did what I do best; started evaluating the paint on the walls. As I wandered the construction site I caught glimpse of Sherwin Williams, 5-gallon buckets everywhere. Not their top-of-the-line product, but simply Pro Mar 400. Not a bad product, by any means, but one that I would use for an economically friendly project and walls only. As I continued my self-tour through the space I came across many discrepancies that caught my attention.

My biggest pet peave would have to be uneven, or crooked lines where walls meet ceiling. I understand they can’t always be laser-straight, but as a paint critique I appreciate a close-to-perfect line. It’s a basic skill set owned by all professional paint contractors, but something that a painter might need to work on. Whether tape-caulking lines or not, a professional will give you straight lines that sharpen the look. Next in line that can set a Pro apart from a “hobby” painter, product selection for the substrate to be painted. In this particular home everything was coated with Sherwin Williams’ Pro Mar 400. A latex paint that, like stated above, is affordable and good, yet isn’t impressive. This product on walls, fine. This product on trim and doors, no thanks. As a professional paint contractor, I almost exclusively refuse to use latex paint on trim and doors. Even if it’s a semi-gloss sheen. It just is not the right product to apply to surfaces that receive a brunt of wear and tear. If saving money is the name of the game, well, you are still better off reaching for a 100% acrylic product, or better yet the cheapest oil product you can find. These paints will cure to a lot harder surface and leave you with a beautiful, smooth surface that outlines the walls. Last, but not least, protection of unpainted surfaces. The “painters” in this home surprised me in a bad way. As I took a short break and returned to the home, I was greeted with masking paper all along the baseboards. They were in the process of spraying the bb’s with another coat. And yes, they were using the latex paint that will gather dirt, scratch easily, ding up and look worn out faster than you’d expect. On top of that, they were spraying in a home with raw floors that were freshly sanded (floor guys were very unhappy). Needless to say, overspray was a big issue post second coat of Pro Mar 400.

Thanks for reading this far and know that it is my objective to educate every potential client I come in contact with, the importance of hiring a professional painter. It may cost you more, but in the long run save you more. As a professional painter myself, and Owner of Mod Paint Works (the site you’re on:)), I can guarantee that I carry a large amount of knowledge of products and the substrates they belong to. At Mod Paint Works we are sure to cover all surfaces not to be painted. We offer clean, professional, finished paint projects that will reflect the highest quality. We use the highest quality products that line up with your needs. And most importantly, we won’t put latex paint on your trim or doors;)

Now give us the chance to bid on your next paint project. We guarantee you will appreciate the difference a professional painter makes.