Magnetic & Chalkboard Paints!

Custom Pirate with Chalkboard

Magnetic & Chalkboard Paints

2 Paints That Invite Creativity

Happy Holidays!

It has been a fun, creative few weeks behind the brushes at Mod Paint Works. I was contracted to do a custom pirate figure and somehow incorporate chalkboard paint.

I was called to present the walls of this basement with an awesome pirate figure for a little guy named Jace. As so many kids do right now, Jace loves pirates. It was my task to create a fun, but still-true-to-the-stigma pirate for Jace. Also on request – in order to fulfill the fun of magnets for Jace – was to incorporate magnetic paint. This would be my first chance to use the magnetic paint. In my early stages of design I had an idea that was inspired somewhere (can’t recall) to top coat the magnetic paint with chalkboard paint. Result: an awesome pirate figure wielding a sword while standing tall above his magnetic chalkboard!

These two products were easy to apply, dried quickly, and cleaned up fairly painlessly. I can think of so many ideas, either together or seperate, where these products can turn something rather mundane into something truly original! Let your creativity flow and the possiblities are endless!